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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today since im stamping for a swap in my Scrapbook swap group todays lesson is 
Cleaning Your Stamps
Picture this . . .You've just contaminated your yellow stamp pad with blue ink after forgetting to clean off your stamp. That's one reason why it is a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning your stamps after each use, especially when changing colors.
The handiest method for cleaning stamps is with a bottle of stamp cleaner with a scrubber or roll-on applicator top. Apply the cleaner directly to the stamp, and then scrub it off onto a household sponge. Blot the stamp dry with a paper towel.
Another method of cleaning stamps is to rub them over the surface of a damp sponge. A cellulose sponge works best because it does not break down or "lint up" your stamps. The sponge may be dampened with plain water, or a drop or two of dish soap can be added. Keep the sponge in a plastic container with a cover so it's ready at all times. Occasionally rinse the sponge out in water. This method of cleaning works well for water-soluble inks.
Alcohol-free baby wipes also work well for cleaning stamps.
S T A M P I N '   T I P S
  • If you will always be using the same color of ink with a stamp, there is no need to clean it.
  • Learn the difference between "clean" and "stain-free". Certain types of ink will stain the rubber die of your stamp. Memories ink, because of its superior quality, does not readily come completely off the rubber surface of the stamp. Clean the stamp as thoroughly as possible and do not be concerned if a stain remains. It will not affect the stamping quality of your stamp, and it can be used with any of the light shades of ink, without polluting the next pad.
  • Reds, yellows and oranges can often be tapped away on scratch paper
    without further cleaning. You may also get rid of excess ink this way
    before cleaning a stamp.
  • Do not soak your rubber stamps in water to clean them. It will loosen the adhesive. Taken from website

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