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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

winner of some stamps is ...


 Thanks to

Please send me your address and i wont be able to send them out til the 8th

Monday, July 25, 2011

Recipe 3 d book

(If you can understand Check out book –Miniature Scrapbooks by Taylor Hagerty)
Can be any size I choose 12*12
To make album: 

  1. Begin with four 12 by 12 squares of paper. Fold in half to form a rectangle open up and fold other way.
  2. You should have four squares. The bottom left one fold up to meet the center and then cut off bottom triangle. Then On Right square on bottom measure one corner in diagonal motion ½ inch and same on other side and draw line in between. This makes a tab.
  3. See chart below chart A



Cut                                                                                                < -- cut out leave tab

  1. Do this on all 4. Then fold Tab under Triangle and will make a pyramid like thing. Glue make sure tight. Then Fold close like would a book. Triangle folds up and in. Do this on all 4. Then can add 12 inch ribbon to cover for closing the book. Then adhere your cover to the front. .
  2. Then have fun decorating can decorate however you wish. Baby showers, weddings, cookbook like I did, any way you want. Then I used my scraps to put pockets in it. Use the triangle you cut off and put glue around border and make sure it’s tight. Then you can slide in your embellishments – I cut tags and put my recipes on them.
Open your book and Let sit out for people to see should sit in a circle on your table. Can email u it if u send me your name on facebook since didnt work on here for chart just let me know

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Christmas Cards with scraps and stationary with scraps

This is a binder clip just used scraps and cut to fit binder clip The Next one is measured and cut to fit inside the postage notes. I added two or 3 inches to make a binding and creased with bone folder. I used the same sticker flower on them all.

I did a pen too measured the pen and wrapped paper around it and tapped it and put inside pen. this next one is just the Stationary pad and what size i used and lastly the card using my scraps from yesterdays project 

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 Also Make sure you keep going and posting got some wonderful stamps up for grabs might take me a while to send as have to fork out some money for an unexpected winshield yippie but still keep commenting and ill pick one person

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Christmas Squash book

 Took this Picture so you could see my penguins i did on Simply Charming Cartridge on Cricut. Love my Cricut 
In the Red areas I left blank so people can add there own photos . Made this for a sister in law.
another side top
 these are a step by step to making peppermints on Cricut Simply Charming Cartridge as well as some other cuts i included in this squash book

squash book instructions
love this video cant get link to work ----








Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard or heavy paper squares (for the cover and back of your album)
  • Scrapbook paper (cardstock and patterned paper)
  • Adhesive
  • Cutting tools (scissors, paper trimmer, etc)
  • Embellishments (metal embellishments, ribbon, stamps, stickers, etc.)
  • Ink pads
  • Writing tools
    • 1
      Decide what size you want your album such as 3x3, 4x4, 6x6, etc.
    • 2
      Cut your cardboard to fit the size of the squash book. For example if you are making a 6x6 album then you would cut the cover and back of the album about ½" bigger so it fits over the middle of the squash book.
    • 3
      Cut patterned papers to cover the cardboard. You want the paper to fold over the covers so it is completely covered. You are going to want about 1" at each end to fold over the cardboard square.
    • 4
      Set your album covers aside and select 3 pieces of 12x12 cardstock. The 12x12 squares will fold into a 6x6 album.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

guess someone couldnt find the list i posted it will repost

Participants are:

Lynda  -

Kimmarie  -
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Pictures and videos

So its not letting me post my pictures right now sorry but this is kinda what i did but bought cards cheap at Micheals and then used a dolly and stamped on that . Measured the card and took of extra glued it and Stamped simple sentiment on inside.

Got it --Its blurry but this is it . Background is simple Christmas paper actually already had some scraps.

This is just joy to world lord has come stamp. Just used uses embossing stamp oad and stamped it then applied green embossing powder blew dry and stamped lightly using makeup sponge around border .

These are the sentiments made a friend hold it-- Doesnt have to be hard --easy and simple 20 minute cards

Christmas Cards

 today for my first Christmas in July I made easy simple cards. It doesnt have to be hard . Just buy some sentiment stamps. Look for sales. Got 2 for 10$ then Stamped on cards . I dont have the other tool on me since i used and did these cards in less then 20 minutes at a freinds house, but its a Martha Stewart border tool.

christmas fun

Christmas in July Blog Hop 7/22 – 7/25
     Welcome to my first ever Memories in Tyme Christmas in July blog hop!!!   After going to my first blog hop recently, I knew I needed to host my own hop this month for people to start to look at Christmas!  The economy is hard right now, what better way to save money by making wonderful things for your friends and family instead of spending a ton of money you don’t have!  Plus if you spend a bit of time and money each month, things will not be so hard at the end!  Everyone has been working really hard on things this month, and we all hope you enjoy all the fun ideas we are sharing with you!!
     If you are starting at my blog – make sure you start at the beginning at Lynda’s blog which is http://memoriesintyme.blogspot​.com/.

Participants are:
Lynda: http://memoriesintyme.blogspot​.com/
Kimmarie  -​

Kari - http://purplefuntastickcreat​

Elsa -​


Dana- http://www.danascraftyco​

Barbara - http://barbaras-crafty-corne​

Lori - http://www.scrappinmystressa​

  Brynn –  http://flairandfrillscreativi​

Jennifer – http://jenlovestoscrap.blogs​

Amy –

Margie -  http://mysweettater.blogspot.​com/