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Monday, July 25, 2011

Recipe 3 d book

(If you can understand Check out book –Miniature Scrapbooks by Taylor Hagerty)
Can be any size I choose 12*12
To make album: 

  1. Begin with four 12 by 12 squares of paper. Fold in half to form a rectangle open up and fold other way.
  2. You should have four squares. The bottom left one fold up to meet the center and then cut off bottom triangle. Then On Right square on bottom measure one corner in diagonal motion ½ inch and same on other side and draw line in between. This makes a tab.
  3. See chart below chart A



Cut                                                                                                < -- cut out leave tab

  1. Do this on all 4. Then fold Tab under Triangle and will make a pyramid like thing. Glue make sure tight. Then Fold close like would a book. Triangle folds up and in. Do this on all 4. Then can add 12 inch ribbon to cover for closing the book. Then adhere your cover to the front. .
  2. Then have fun decorating can decorate however you wish. Baby showers, weddings, cookbook like I did, any way you want. Then I used my scraps to put pockets in it. Use the triangle you cut off and put glue around border and make sure it’s tight. Then you can slide in your embellishments – I cut tags and put my recipes on them.
Open your book and Let sit out for people to see should sit in a circle on your table. Can email u it if u send me your name on facebook since didnt work on here for chart just let me know


  1. This is a really cute idea, even if some of the details were lost in the translation! LOL I think I got the basic instructions despite the Blogger failure. Have really enjoyed all of your projects these past few days.


  2. What a fun creative idea! TFS joy4umetoo at hotmail dot com

  3. Clever idea:) TFS!
    Sherrie K

  4. Cute Idea...My daughter in law will love one of these!

  5. Cute idea Enjoyed your projects