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Friday, July 1, 2011

So seen

this video on favorite site Shopcropsuey and i decided to make one. I will post video below. I on the other hand have tons of stickers embellishments so I put them into baggies ( dollar store and punched holes in them via making my husband do it as kept getting stuck and it didnt for him.) Then i organized them into colors.
Red - embellishments.  Teal - other  Pink --love Green holiday White die cuts Yellow baby  and dark blue -- special occasions  . I got my lampshade at thrift store 1$ , tore off ribbon paper . Then after putting stickers in baggies by color hung with different color paper clips (Staples pack 1000 sale at 3$) . All total project was less then 10 dollars. Its easy to turn on carpet so dont need anything else.
These are baggies i got punched holes and hung with paper clips