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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

 Tsunami Rose Designs Links  

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    I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen to design with Tsunami Rose (Daisy Collins) Motherly love. I created a wonderful mothers day album using her printables.
    My cover i used free printable online and some black lace i bough at a yard sale. The charm was on clearance at micheals. Also used some flowers from 99 Cent bin.

    Another free printable from online and leftover Martha Stewart Stickers and more lace adored with black bling on outside

    Daisy Collins made the beautiful  postcard which i printed on glossy paper . Also left spots so they could insert photos , journalism whatever they please.

    Dasiy Flower I made into a tag far right printed also on Glossy paper and free mum sayings printed from online.

    Another page i printed Quote from online

    Mason Jar and tag at top are from Daisy Printable as well
     another page

    So go and check out her page and others who completed this wonderful Printout by Daisy Collins Motherly Love ! Thanks Til next time , Jennifer

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  1. very inspirational. so beautiful and elegant.
    susan s