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Monday, April 16, 2012

day 16 Sketch#29

This is one of my favorites -- its for a wedding or could maybe use for an anniversary the 22 which is next Sunday is me and my husbands anniversary 6 years. Anyway here's the sketch and my card .  Changed some details like doves instead of buttons and few less squares. But is embossed and super cute . check out others---
  1. Daisy Collins-
  2. Kimberly Pate ~
  3. Veronica Meras-
  4. Maryann Cruz -
  5. SuzeJo Murphy -
  6. Jennifer Lepard
  7. Abbie Kay
  8. Jane Stillman -
  9. Rachel Bogner -
  10. Tricia Colon


  1. Love your card! The greeting is adorable!

  2. Jen you did a sweet job on the card and the sentiment is a wonderful choice for a anniversary card