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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

day !7 sketch Sketch #11

The sketch for Tuesday the 17th. This is also me and my new cat Daisy ( and no i didn't name it after the Famous Daisy Collins her name is Daisy Maisey she doesn't answer to it or any name). Check out others on the design team
  1. Daisy Collins-
  2. Kimberly Pate ~
  3. Veronica Meras-
  4. Maryann Cruz -
  5. SuzeJo Murphy -
  6. Jennifer Lepard
  7. Abbie Kay
  8. Jane Stillman -
  9. Rachel Bogner -
  10. Tricia Colon
yes in scary i know but shes asleep on me so cute. And yes i have a tattoo I got it when i turned 18 to make my mom mad. She called me her yellow rose of Texas and she wasn't mad. I miss her and my brother a lot . At my wedding she dove for the bouquet everyone was worried she said leave me alone im fine and she just really wanted that bouquet. My brother Jim i miss him too, every time i get sad and miss him i turn on Don't cha by the Pussycat Dolls. He was an coak on that song. anyway here's my design and some thoughts i have today been kinda sad miss my family and the way things use to be in the family.

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