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Friday, April 6, 2012

Design Team Day 6 Sketch 2

How cute is this!! I love this group it has challanged me so much. Maybe tommorow or sunday ill show you what i did. I put all items into a plastic bin and carried it out and challanged myself not to use anything else. I didnt either. I Love this and each card i do i notice things i didnt like . Wish would have cut off blue even with other blue and that i cant cut straight but isn't that whats fun about cards? Being creative and pushing for that extra mile . Thanks for stopping today and as always check out THE APRIL DESIGN TEAM:
April Design Team
  1. Daisy Collins-
  2. Kimberly Pate ~
  3. Veronica Meras-
  4. Maryann Cruz -
  5. SuzeJo Murphy -
  6. Jennifer Lepard
  7. Abbie Kay
  8. Jane Stillman -
  9. Rachel Bogner -
  10. Tricia Colon

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