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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

90 days of fun and learning how to be closer to god

So one of my friends , Christy Hughes Kerley on Facebook is doing this and she was very happy when I told her i wanted to join . You can too just look for the Journey 90 Daily steps for a real Woman or aka a God Chick.  The book is written by Holly Wagner and you can find it at go check it out . I found alot of them eBay and  

Day 1.......Tell God your Biggest Fear and your Biggest Dream

God , My biggest fear is that I wont be recongnized for the good deeds I do. I know Im not a perfect christian lord but im a Trying christian .  I try to read the bible and encourage others.  I dont always listen to christian music or read bible each day which im working on but I do help others. Wether on the job or off  I try to do things that pleases you.  I helped my mother in law to get hearing aid ( which she never wears) and teeth (which she never wears) but she has them.  I try to help family whenever i can but think that I can never do enough for you and sometimes feel like im not doing enough because Im not doing things with church and not getting involved.
God , My biggest dream is that I can make you happy. Read your word each day and apply it each day to my needs. I hope I can quote the bible like other Christians do and be able to get active in bible studies as well as a great church.
In the book the passage they recite from the Bible is Psalm 5:1-3  O Lord, hear me as I pray; pay attention to my groaning;  listen to my cry for help, my king and my God.  For I will never pray to anyone but you.  Listen to my voice in the morning,  Lord.  Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly. 
So I challenge the rest of you as I go thru this journey join me .  Learn more about yourself and god and pray this scripture because God sent his only son to die on the cross for US ( U and me ). I hope he can change your heart for the better and with me we get closer to God .

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  1. I am excited to have you on this Journey with me Jennifer, what is nice is now I am accountable for staying on goal. Praying you thru this with me