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Monday, September 19, 2011

remember 7th heaven

Ihave all the seasons now One of my favorite videos

Camden family

Eric and Annie Camden and their seven children: Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam and David.

]Eric Camden

Reverend Eric Camden (played by Stephen Collins) was raised in New York City by his parents, Colonel John Camden and Ruth Lynch. Based on the episode "Halloween" (season one, episode six), it appears that Eric was born in 1954 (which would make him 42 years old at the time). According to the episode "One Hundred" (season 5, episode 12), his birthday is in January. Eric attended college for five years and graduated from Kolbel Seminary. Shortly thereafter he married and began a family with Annie. He also has one sister, Julie Camden-Hastings, who ended up marrying the doctor that delivered Eric and Annie's oldest (Matt) and youngest (Sam and David) children.

] Annie Camden

Annie Camden (played by Catherine Hicks) is the daughter of Charles and Jenny Jackson. She has one half-sister named Lily. Annie met Eric and married straight out of college. During her college education, Annie studied everything from art to business and economics, and in later seasons returned to school to earn her Masters. Her mother, Jenny, died early in season one from cancer. Annie was hit hard by her death and then by her father's bounce into a relationship with a woman named Ginger. Eventually, Annie accepted Ginger and accepted their marriage. Charles later suffered from Alzheimer's and eventually died of natural causes.

Matt Camden

Dr. Matt Camden (played by Barry Watson) is the eldest child of the Camden family. When the show was introduced, Matt was the oldest of five and a junior in high school, but later became the eldest of seven when Sam and David were born. Matt would sacrifice his school time to help others who were in more need of help and if they wished to remain anonymous, he would respect their wishes and not even tell his father. He bounced from job to job, including being a delivery man for the Dairy Shack, and a tutor. Originally having bad grades, he was able to pull his grades up. He graduated at the top of his class, and was accepted for a White House internship in Washington, D.C., with First Lady Hillary Clinton. He went to college in town and, for a while, roomed with friend John Hamilton, a son of a minister. The Hamiltons are long time friends of the Camden family. Matt's uncle, Hank Hastings, helped get him a job in the cafeteria at the hospital and, during his work there, Matt decided to become a doctor. He later ended up working at a woman's clinic where he—after helping save the life of a woman with an ectopic pregnancy—began working with Hank.
He met Sarah Glass, a fellow medical student. They went out and married on their first date. Ruthie found out when she called them at their honeymoon suite and kept this secret for many episodes. Because Sarah was Jewish, and the daughter of a rabbi (played by comedian Richard Lewis), who wanted his daughter to marry a Jewish man, they kept their marriage secret. They eventually had a large family wedding presided over jointly by Matt's father, the minister, and Sarah's father, the rabbi. The wedding almost didn't take place as their fathers feuded over Matt—who was planning on converting to Judaism. The couple moved to New York to attend med school and, while there have been problems, they have remained happy and together. At the end of Season ten they graduated from medical school, and it was announced that Sarah was pregnant with twin boys. Sarah later gave birth to the twin boys the following summer.

Mary Camden

Mary Camden-Rivera (played by Jessica Biel) is the eldest daughter of Eric and Annie (Note that Jessica Biel is actually a year younger than Beverley Mitchell who plays younger sister Lucy). By the time she was 14, Mary was an aspiring athlete with an immense love for basketball. As the months progressed, she seemed to rise in both ability and confidence (so much so that she wanted to play in the WNBA someday) until an accident that took place before the end of her freshman year in which she was hit by a car, critically injuring her knee. She spent months of recuperation afterwards, and seemed to be on the right track for the most part. She had a series of different boyfriends. She began dating Wilson West, a man with a child from a previous relationship, who would become a more serious person in her life. Wilson had sex with a sixteen year old girl, who had a car, he explained to Rev. Camden, and got her pregnant. The girl died in childbirth, leaving Wilson with a son, Billy (actually named Wilson Jr.). By her senior year, she (along with other members of the basketball team) allowed her grades to slip, which caused her basketball coach to impose a lockout on her and her teammates. After a secret meeting, the team decided to enact their frustrations by vandalizing the school gym. They were caught at the scene of the crime and arrested—including Mary. Through a special program for first offenders, Mary was able to evade serious punishment by doing community service, which was where she met Robbie Palmer, the second serious boyfriend she would have after breaking up with Wilson two years earlier. When she got her driver's license, she couldn't parallel park but on Lucy's advice cried about it and the driving instructor compassionately awarded her the license. Mary missed Robbie while away from him as he took her to a Motel, and she punched him. During this time she has a dream of playing pro for the Lakers and thinks that when her coach rings her up that this is the dream coming true but it's actually training disabled people for the Special Olympics. Mary decided not to go to college but work instead. She could not hold down a job, being fired from everywhere from The Pool Hall to Pete’s Pizza. While working at Pete’s, she met Frankie and Johnny, a pot smoking, alcoholic couple—the same age as Mary—who were married and had a baby girl, Mercy. Eric and Annie learned that Mary had been caught drinking while babysitting her cousin, Erica, been pulled over by a cop and given a warning, and that she had numerous debts to credit card companies, insurance companies, and to her family. Not wanting Mary to hit rock bottom, Eric and Annie decided it was best she go to New York because they couldn't give her the attention she needed. She lived with her grandparents, the Colonel and Ruth, and worked at a homeless shelter in the fall, and started college in the winter. She left home angry at her entire family, whom she saw as betraying her, and refused to speak to her father. In time, she calmed down and planned to return home for the summer, as she and Robbie started dating again.
While in New York, she discovered that Wilson was also living in New York. Instead of staying in Glen Oak for the summer like she originally planned, she broke up with Robbie and moved back to New York and started dating Wilson. After getting advice from the Colonel, she decided to get a job in public service. When she couldn’t become a police officer because she was not old enough, she applied for a position as a firefighter, and, after the Colonel pulled some strings, she got into the firefighter program. When she started training as a firefighter, she met Ben Kinkirk, who was also training to be a firefighter. He came over to her place and the two kissed, which Wilson walked in on. The two broke up and she returned home to California for a time, but on a trip to New York with Lucy, she revealed she was moving back to New York to train to be a flight attendant. She began dating a pilot, Jack, who was the same age as her father, though this did not last. She moved to Florida for a time to get away from her family. While in Florida, Mary ran into Carlos Rivera, a man she had met while volunteering at a homeless shelter years earlier, and who the Camdens took in during the holiday season. Carlos and Mary were married shortly after Lucy wed, and Mary revealed her pregnancy and the marriage to her family at the that time. Her parents visited at the birth of her son, Charles Miguel "Charlie", named in honor of her and Carlos' late grandfathers. They eventually divorced and Carlos took Charlie back to Puerto Rico when Mary gave her parental rights up. It was announced by Carlos when he attended Simon's wedding that the two were back together and that Mary was expecting twin girls. Though Mary was not at Simon's wedding she was able to still see her family the next day as she finally graduated from college the same day as Matt and Sarah. During the following summer, Mary gave birth to twin daughters.

Lucy Camden

Rev. Lucy Camden-Kinkirk (played by Beverley Mitchell) is the third Camden child, second daughter. Lucy is known in the earlier seasons for the many boyfriends she had, as well as being overly dramatic and selfish and spoiled; by the time she reached her junior year in high school, however, Lucy became much more settled. Her first boyfriend was Jimmy Moon. She had one "normal" relationship with him but they broke up. At one point she gets arrested for being in the area where Jimmy was dealing drugs. Later Jimmy was shown when he had some problems with drugs, and the last time Jimmy was shown was when Lucy had a case as juror in the season seven (though nobody told her what it was about). In school, she had lots of friends and was popular—including being nominated for homecoming queen in her senior year. She once was engaged to her high school sweetheart, Jeremy, but they eventually broke it off. She had a very good relationship with her friend Mike, who was placed in a mental hospital and was otherwise ostracized. Although Mike liked Lucy, it never quite worked out.
At the end of the series, Lucy followed in her father's footsteps and became a minister because of her strong religious devotion. She eventually married Kevin Kinkirk and had a daughter named Savannah. They stayed in the apartment above the garage at the Camdens' house up until Savannah was a few months old. She also became pregnant with twin boys at one point, which she lost in a miscarriage that deeply upset her emotional state—though she eventually recovered. At the end of the summer, after she miscarried, she told Kevin she didn't want to have any more children. She was a working mother (working as an associate pastor), while her husband Kevin was a stay-at-home dad. However, Kevin was offered a job as a police sheriff in “Crossroads.” Later on, Lucy helped a young woman named Sandy with her pregnancy, and they soon became friends. In the season 11, Lucy continued on with her life as a minister, friend, mother, and wife. She was offered another position in a different town as a minister. In the penultimate episode, she announced that she was pregnant once again.

Simon Camden

Simon Camden (played by David Gallagher) is the fourth child and second son. In the early part of the series, he was known to his siblings as "The Bank of Simon" because he always seemed to have money, and in a similar way to Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties), he loved to make money also sometimes his siblings would get him to spend his money on them. He used to also be very fascinated with The Tick. He always wanted to become a magician until he got older. He also became interested in cars, and being a mechanic.
Simon was the one who wanted to get a dog, during the pilot episode. Although his parents did not think he was mature enough for the responsibility of a dog, his mother went to the pound "just to look" and then fell in love with a dog that was imminently scheduled to be euthanized. So she ended up bringing the dog home, which was adopted by the Camdens, and named "Happy". However, later (in a two-part episode, during season two), the child of Happy's previous owners saw their dog, (then called "Whitey") on TV and wanted her back. So her father came to the Camdens threatening legal action if "Happy"/"Whitey" was not returned, which made Simon and Ruthie try to dye Happy's fur with food coloring in an attempt to make her look like a different dog. At the end of that two-part season finale, after Happy ran away from her previous owners and went back to the Camdens, her previous owners agreed to let them keep her. They realized that after living with the Camdens for two years, "Happy" considered it her home and family, that she belonged there and would be unhappy anywhere else.
It was a rough transition for the sensitive Simon into high school, though the popular, bubbly Lucy helped him meet new people. At the beginning of the summer before his senior year, Simon accidentally "killed" Paul Smith, a younger boy, in a car accident. The death was ruled accidental and Simon was not brought up on criminal charges, but he couldn't escape the pain and blame he inflicted on himself for Paul's death. Fearing that Paul's brother would retaliate, Simon graduated from school early and started college. While in college, partly as a way to cope with his guilty feelings and low self esteem, Simon broke the family's edict of not having non-marital sex and experimented with sex. Simon had three serious girlfriends over the course of the show, Deena, Cecilia and Rose. Simon gets involved with a girl that he knew from college named Sandy who has a son named Aaron fathered by Martin Brewer. Simon provides emotional, and at one point, maybe even physical support for Sandy and her son.
After a scare involving his girlfriend Georgia being pregnant (it was later revealed that she only made the claim so Simon would stay with her), he met Rose. Rose and Simon were deeply in love, got engaged, and planned a wedding. They finally get to the wedding day but they decide to not get married because neither was ready for marriage. Rose still had feelings for an ex-boyfriend. At the end of the season 10 finale, Sandy and Aaron show up to the party after the non-wedding and Sandy says she needs to talk to him and Ruthie tells Eric that Simon has something to tell them and it's suspected that Sandy revealed to him that he is Aaron's father and he was going to tell the family.

Ruthie Camden

Ruthie Camden (played by Mackenzie Rosman) is the youngest daughter. She is named after her paternal grandmother.
During her youth she was portrayed as the family sneak. She was also rather precocious. Ruthie ages quickly over 7th Heaven 's run. She started pre-Kindergarten sometime in September, after all her other siblings have started school, but in season two, she’s in grade one. By the end of season 10, she is seventeen years old and managed to take enough courses to graduate a year early. She doesn't like being called Ruth, even in school insists on Ruthie. She likes to get Simon in trouble at every opportunity.
She once attended private school in season five and at the beginning of season six. However, she moved back to public school because she found out that the private school wouldn't let her friend Yasmeen transfer there.
During her freshman year of high school, she started developing feelings for the Camdens' house guest, Martin Brewer. She went so far as to tell him that she loved him, but quickly covered by saying “as a brother.”
During her sophomore year of high school, she started dating older boys, hoping that it would eventually lead her to a relationship with Martin. She also started wearing overdone makeup and became rather self-centered and superficial. She also appeared to have dropped any female friends she ever had and hung around just boys for much of her teen years.
It took her a long time to get over Martin. In "Love and Obsession" (season 10), she dreamt that Martin told her that a paternity test was done and that he was not the father of Aaron, but Simon is. She even dreams about him not having met Sandy—let alone having a baby. This is when Peter showed back up. After that, it turns out that she had moved on because Peter was her first love.
However, Martin went against his beliefs during the previous summer and slept with a girl named Sandy at Simon's college. Ruthie was crushed when she learned that Martin was expecting a child with Sandy, the girl whom he met and slept with only once. She tried to hang onto Martin with the claim of being his friend, while he was being emotionally unresponsive to the baby's mother, and was present when Aaron was born along with Martin and her immediate family.
Upon Aaron's birth, Martin left Glen Oak for college and now lives near his son. This left Ruthie heartbroken, though by the end of season eleven, Martin finally admitted to Ruthie that he loved her but at this point Ruthie was in love with T-Bone. In the final season, it was revealed that she could graduate from high school a year early to be with T-Bone. So that at the end, he ended up leaving her, and she and Martin never really got a chance.

[edit] Sam and David Camden

Samuel "Sam" and David Camden (born February 14, 1999) are fraternal twin boys and the youngest of the Camden children. They were originally played by all four Brino quadruplets, Lorenzo, Myrinda, Nikolas, and Zachary, but once the quads started aging and showing differences between them—especially since one is a girl (Myrinda)—Lorenzo and Nikolas became the official actors for Sam and David.
Sam and David were born during episode 14 of season three (“In Praise of Women”). This episode was The WB's most watched hour. They were partly named after the R&B duo Sam and Dave.

] Happy

Happy the Dog debuted in the pilot episode, "Anything You Want", in which Simon begged his parents for a dog, and also prayed to God about it. One day, he was up in his attic and he heard a faint bark and looked out the window and a dog was sitting in the front yard. Happy's original owners tried to come and claim her, but after seeing how heartbroken Simon and Happy would be if they took Happy away for good, the original owners decided to let Happy stay there. Happy lives with the family for the rest of the seasons.

Extended family

[edit] Sarah Glass

Dr. Sarah Glass (portrayed by Sarah Danielle Madison) is the only child of Richard and Rosina Glass and the wife of Matt Camden, oldest son of Eric and Annie. She first appears in the Season six episode I Really Do as one of Matt's co-workers in the free women's clinic where both Matt and Hank work. In that episode Matt is determined to find the woman he's going to marry as soon as possible. He has a date with some girl he does not know, but since he is called in to go to work instead at the last minute, he ends up talking to Sarah all night. The recurring character of Doc, played by Ron Zimmerman (who wrote four Season one episodes), persuades Matt to marry Sarah instead.
Sarah asks Matt out for coffee and they grow quite close. Sarah is an only child with a Rabbi for a father - thus her Jewish faith is very important to her. Sarah reveals that she is independently wealthy, unlike Matt, along with many other "intimate" details. The next night, they go out for dinner after introducing the other to their parents. They marry that night, but when they try to tell Sarah's parents they end up only admitting they "got engaged". Ruthie is the only person to find out about the marriage (and keeps it a secret until the Season ten episode Secrets). The Camdens have dinner at the Glass house, in an attempt by Matt and Sarah to bring the families closer. After both fathers do all they can to stop it, Matt and Sarah marry for the second time.
Matt and Sarah attend medical school at Columbia University in New York City, although they return (sometimes together, sometimes separately) to Glen Oak every so often. Their marriage has some shaky patches, and Matt getting re-acquainted with his ex-girlfriend Heather does not help matters. Sarah keeps her maiden name for the hospital, and at first Matt and Sarah do not reveal to the others at the hospital that they are married. It is revealed in the season ten finale that Sarah is pregnant with twin boys. She and Matt graduate medical school during the season 10 finale and they talk about her having the twins that summer in season 11.
Rabbi Richard Glass (Richard Lewis) is Sarah's father. He did not approve of Matt at first because he was not Jewish.
Rosina Glass (Laraine Newman) is Sarah's mother. Unlike her husband Rosina liked Matt and helped Sarah plan her wedding to Matt.

The Riveras

Carlos Rivera (Carlos Ponce) becomes Mary's husband in season eight after a guest appearance five seasons earlier in the episode "Here Comes Santa Claus." While Jessica Biel was absent from the show, her character of Mary continued with the help of Carlos - Mary and Carlos even had a son, Charles Miguel "Charlie", without Mary ever appearing. Although Mary filed for divorce from Carlos and even signed away custody of her son in the two-part season nine finale, by the season ten finale they were back together and expecting twin girls and Mary was graduating college. In the beginning of season eleven, it is mentioned that Mary gave birth to her twins over the summer and was teaching at a high school and coaching a girls high school basketball team in New York, where she and Carlos live with their three children.
Charlie Miguel Rivera is Mary and Carlos's baby boy named after Carlos' & Mary's grandfathers who've both died.

[edit] The Kinkirks

Kevin Kinkirk (George Stults) was first introduced as a police officer in a New York airport, and soon revealed to be Ben's older brother. Kevin and Lucy set up a date as soon as they met, and like each other so much they decide to pursue a long distance relationship. Kevin eventually transfers to the Glen Oak police force, and moves in with the Camdens. Kevin and Lucy eventually get engaged and marry each other, living together in the apartment over the garage and then moving into the house directly behind the Camdens at the end of season nine "Kevin Loves Lucy." Kevin has a daughter with Lucy named Savannah. At the beginning of season ten, Kevin is almost shot at and decides to be a stay at home dad. He convinces Lucy to adopt a Great Dane named Sampson, but Lucy also makes the decision to adopt a tiny Yorkshire terrier named Delilah. It was revealed at the end of the season 10 that Kevin and Lucy were expecting twin boys, however Lucy had a miscarriage over the summer. In the series finale, Lucy told him that she was pregnant again.
Savannah Kinkirk (Alyssa & Hannah Yadrick) (born in season nine episode "Paper or Plastic?") is Kevin and Lucy's first child. She is named after Savannah, Georgia, where Kevin and Lucy went on their honeymoon. Savannah was born in an elevator with Matt and Kevin helping with the delivery.
Ben Kinkirk (Geoff Stults) is Kevin's younger brother. They are two years apart. He was introduced as Mary's fellow firefighter trainee in Buffalo in the season six episode "Relationships." Ben becomes interested in Mary while she is pondering Wilson's marriage proposal. Ben attends Kevin and Lucy's wedding in the episode "We Do." The last episode he appeared in was in season 11's "Pain in the Neck" where he attempts to flirt with Ms. Margo, the teacher who made a move on Eric.
Patty-Mary Kinkirk (Natalie Ramsey) is Ben and Kevin's younger sister. She first appears in season six episode 19 "Letting Go." She is introduced as a student in San Francisco.

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