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Sunday, September 25, 2011

day 5

So todays step from the journal part is to:

Write down a time when you know God was there for you.  And then lift your Hands (really)  and thank God for beinf their and who he is .  Thank HIM for always being the GOD who is always present.

And be sure of this:  I am with you always, even to the end of age.  Matthew 28:20 

I know gods there for me with my marriage. Ive expericened the worst neighbors a beater and a drunk. No matter what happens thou my husband is right there to turn to . Even when the world seems to be falling apart i know God gave me a wonderful husband who cares for me . I can always turn to god but i can always turn to my husband. Some times we just stop and pray. We hold hands and pray because we know god is always with us.   So today lord i lift my hands and pray and thank you lord because i know without you i wouldnt have such an wonderful husband . Lord i pray that you will help us with the situations going on with us and keep us safe as always in your arms . Protect those who mentioned as neighbors above because we know need to be good neighbors. Amen

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